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All you Need to Know When you Travel Australia's Outback --part One

Australia’s Outback isn't called the last frontier in the planet for nothing. For that matter, it isn't called Amazing for nothing either. The Outback is known as the “Back of Beyond”, which just means it could be anywhere in the map. Or rather, it refuses to be mapped. It's one of the most magical, breathtaking, and simply glorious place you can ever visit. It's a feast to the senses as much as it is a challenge to the spirit. The lush landscape, blushing mountains, crazy rock formations, the solemn deserts, the vast skies, and bustling wildlife are only some of the wonderful and bizarre gems to unearth in your travel to Australia's Outback.

As much as the Australian Outback is beautiful, it can also be dangerous. And this is no exaggeration. Which is why the list of advices below should help you travel the Outback the safest and most enjoyable way of all.

Things to Bring


camera (with extra batteries)

wide-brimmed hat


sunscreen of at least SPF30

driza-bone (dry as a bone) waterproof raincoat

good boots

insect-repellant lotion

first-aid kit

swiss knife


mobile phone ( with charger and extra batteries)

CB radio

hand-held GPS unit


water (at least three litres per day per person)

non-perishable food

water-proof matches or lighter

camping tent


and finally, lots of will power

For your 4WD

(and it must be only a 4WD if you really want to get anywhere in the Outback)


engine oil

spare tyres

extra water (in case your engine boils)


Group adventures

Nowadays, travel packages in the Australian Outback are usually offered in organised small group adventures. It might not be as romantic as when it's just the two of you, but at least a group tour is safer. And there's less chance of getting lost. Experienced tour guides will lead your pack while dishing out tidbits of information and trivia about the signts along the way.

Rule of thumb: Stick to the group and stick to marked paths so you don't get lost.

Wear it Wise

Australia’s Outback gets extremely hot throughout the day, and then plunges into a deep cold overnight. Because of this, pack a selection of clothes that's lightweight and cotton (for the day), long, when hiking in the bush or trekking through unknown grassland. Of course, if you intend to cap your day at a campfire in the open air of the night, get into some warm fleece trousers and woollen pullovers.

Swap your sandals for more hardy and protective boots. Also a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses will protect you from severe Aussie sun. Needless,lavish yourself with a sunscreen of at least SPF30.

Rule of thumb: Slip, slop, slap. Slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat!

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